Print Label

Using a pen, mark an ‘A’ in any corner of a blank piece of paper. Print a test of the label you created using the paper you marked with the A. With the A as your guide, note how you fed the paper into your printer so you can consistently feed the paper next time. Inspect the appearance and content of your label’s information. If you need to make changes, go back to Step 1 and create your label to your satisfaction.

When satisfied with the printed test label, you will print to a circular label from the ‘ID Making Kit’ that came with your Go>ID. Using the slit on the back, peel the release paper from the back of the label. Do not peel the front circular labels — inner or outer — at this time.

There are 3 laser-friendly labels and 2 inkjet-friendly labels included. The labels are marked on the back.

With the release paper removed, apply the circular label exactly over the printed text sample you printed in Step 1. Make sure the label is entirely within the borders of the printed circle.

Load this page with the blank circular label in place into your printer exactly as you did while printing your test labels. Use the A as your guide to make sure you feed the paper exactly as you did before.

It should print directly on the Go>ID circular label. Insect the printed label to make sure all of your information is within the smallest center label (no text should be printed on the outer ring of the label).

If you are not happy with the alignment of your label, repeat these steps using another circular label until satisfied.

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