1st Responders

We’ve created a consumer-friendly emergency ID that makes it easy for users to carry important personal information that can speak for them when they aren’t able to. Custom information is applied to GO>ID on a durable, waterproof label which stays both protected and hidden when worn.


How will you know? The silicon cover and metal tab on GO>ID will alert you that this person is carrying important personal information. Both the silicon cover and metal tab have two of the most recognized emergency symbols in the world — the star of life or the letters “ID”.

Common places users may wear their GO>ID include: on their watch, shoes, zipper-pull, cell phone, etc. We encourage consumers to place their GO>ID in its most visible and comfortable location. Look for the tab extending from the back of a watch, or look for the silicon cover attached to any of the other places. To see their custom information, just pull the ID out of its cover or off the back of a watch.

It’s a commonly held belief that everyone is safer when they carry identification. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours — to help save lives. GO>ID helps put you a step closer to that goal by providing you with important personal information that might otherwise be difficult — or even impossible — to collect.

If you know of a first response unit that needs financial support, we would love to know. Part of our mission is to assist organizations in need. To join our list of first response organizations, please send an email to:


  • To empower people with an emergency ID they can set & forget.
  • To provide financial assistance to organizations which provide life-saving emergency care, especially those lacking basic equipment to serve their communities.
  • 25% of our profits are donated to first responder organizations.