“As far as big ideas go, the simple ones are always the best.”

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“What makes GO>ID different is that YOU make your own ID info … It took me less than 10 minutes!”

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  • swim BLOG run

    “I didn’t even notice the GO>ID was there, which is probably the best review you could give…”   Read review »

  • GreenInspiration

    “The GO>ID gives me piece of mind that should my run not go as I had planned … I would get the help I needed.”   Read review »

  • Stick’s Blog

    “I am looking forward to using this Emergency ID tag, and likely leaving my wallet behind…”   Read review »

  • Technically Running

    “We were surprised to be presented with one of the best ideas yet to come to the fitness ID market – an ID that can be easily attached to gear that you already have with you…”   Read review »

  • Trail Running Blog

    “Allows you to have the peace of mind of carrying identification, but with the convenience of not having to carry extra accessories…”   Read review »

  • JogBlog

    “However you want to use it, there’s plenty of instructions and diagrams on the website…”   Read review »