About GO>ID

GO>ID is the brain-child of a long-time runner and outdoor enthusiast. Always worried about safety while out on the road, he would carry his driver’s license everywhere. But, that was inconvenient and lacked additional contact information.

So a search began for a replacement ID that would include not only a name and address, but also an emergency contact and some vital medical information. He wanted something simple. Something that could be comfortably worn or easily carried with outdoor gear.

Most of all, he didn’t want to add more bracelets or jewelry. Since nothing seemed to fit that description — and the only thing he could find was a separate medical ID bracelet he’d have to wear — the set-it-and-forget-it concept of GO>ID was born.

The most logical place was to put this type of medical ID seemed to be on his watch. It’s worn almost all the time, and while doing nearly all outdoor activities — especially when training and racing. After years of research and development, the durable, lightweight, and simple GO>ID was the result.

GO>ID has proven it’s durability and comfort through many marathons, ironman competitions, mud races, and many other races. Best of all, it’s been comfortable enough to wear every day for years. It’s been tested through dozens of dishwasher cycles, exposed to salt water, submerged in hot tubs, tumbled in washing machines, and subjected to all sorts of chemicals and elements. Bottom line: it’s tough.

GO>ID is designed to go anywhere you go. It’s waterproof, durable, lightweight, comfortable, and can attach anywhere. For those who don’t like the stigma of wearing a medical ID bracelet, it’s well hidden and sporty. For the athlete who wants to take an ID on the road, and not forget it at home — it’s always with you.

The GO>ID was made so you can go without worry, knowing GO>ID will speak for you if you can’t. Our unique ID Making Kit was assembled with change in mind. If you need a to update our information, just keep your ID Making Kit handy and you can make new labels for your ID. Maybe we should add “changeable” and “versatile” to our description… it’s really everything you need to let first responders know what you need. Just set it and forget it!

Be Safe, Have Fun … GO Anywhere!