Affix Label

Decide which tab you want visible when wearing the metal ID — the ‘star of life’ or the ‘ID’ text. You will affix your label to the OPPOSITE side of the ID.

Make sure your metal ID is clean and dry. Lay the ID flat with the OPPOSITE tab facing up. Carefully peel off the inner white printed ID label without touching the sticky adhesive. Align the label so it is within the round recessed area of the ID and apply.

By laying the ID flat with opposite side of the tab showing, you will ensure that the side you want visible (‘star of life’ or ‘ID’) will be showing when wearing the ID.

Peel the backing off the clear laminate sticker and carefully align over the printed ID label you just applied to the metal ID. The clear laminate should completely cover the printed label. Press down on both the label and the laminate to remove any air bubbles.

The laminate sticker is slightly larger than the ID label, so you should be able to completely cover the label with the laminate.

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