What’s in the Package

  • Metal GO>ID — Comes in several colors and 3 types of metal. Click here for options.
  • Silicon ID Cover — Each ID comes with a matching silicon cover. The cover keeps your information safe and discretely hidden when you attach your GO>ID your shoe, key ring, zipper pull, etc.
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners (2 loops, 1 hook) — Thin and strong, easily attach your GO>ID to your watch.
  • Laser Labels (3) — Laser-specific labels are perfectly suited for your laser printer — and they’re waterproof and permanent.
  • Inkjet Labels (3) — Inkjet-specific labels are perfectly suited for your inkjet printer — and they’re waterproof and permanent.
  • Clear Label Over-laminate (2) — An added layer of protection for your ID label so you can take it anywhere!
  • Zipper Hook — Clip or hang your ID in any easy to find location, like a zipper pull, belt loop, keychain, etc.
  • Resealable Bag — Keep all of your ID Making Kit materials together for later use in this handy resealable bag.
  • Protected by GO>ID Sticker (1) — We want everyone to know that you are protected with the GO>ID! Reflective stickers can also help prevent nighttime incidents.

GOID Kit Contents (contents may vary)

Quality Assurance

Everything that comes with your GO>ID is made of the highest quality materials. All of the essential parts have been tested for quality and endurance.