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Terms of Use

Our website, its information, and the text-generator are all the intellectual property of Synergy Products, LLC (“Synergy”).

Our website and its “Make My ID” text-generator was developed for use by Synergy customers only. It is unlawful to use our text generator for any use other than for making personal emergency ID labels utilizing our GO>ID ID making kit. The purchase of a GO>ID entitles the buyer or user to use our websites text generator. We reserve the right to block, cancel, or prosecute any user or user account, if we determine it was used for an unlawful purpose.

You acknowledge and agree that the GO>ID website and its content are the private property of Synergy and that your use of the “Make My ID” text generator functions are at your sole risk. The Make My ID service is provided, “AS IS” and Synergy disclaims all warranties, express or implied.

In making an ID for a child, we expect that the parent or legal guardian will share and print the information they want shared with emergency responders.

We may provide links to other websites as a service to you. The decision to use those links or not, is yours. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for the content, privacy policies, or safety of other websites.

Limits of liability


We have done our best to ensure that GO>ID works as designed. Since it is a product you assemble yourself we have little control on the final product. We also can't control what information you put on your ID and its relevance in an emergency. We have tested the ID in its silicon cover and attached to various watches, but we will not be responsible for how it's attached or to what watch or object. Not all watches or objects will remain durable or intact under extreme conditions. We designed a product to be durable during normal everyday use as outlined on our website. Under extreme conditions such as explosions, fire, natural or man-made disasters, or other unforeseen uses the GO>ID has notbeen tested and may not work, remain attached, or be legible to first responders. Under such extreme conditions the ID may not stay attached to the user, depending on how it's worn.


IN CONSIDERATION of the GO>ID and Synergy Products, LLC product(s) and use of its website and text-generator either for myself, or on behalf of my spouse, children, parents, guardians, heirs and next of kin, and any legal and personal representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, I hereby agree to and make the following contractual representations pursuant to this Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (the “Agreement”);

1. I hereby represent that I have purchased the GO>ID with the intent to use it as a personal emergency ID. I understand and acknowledge that the GO>ID is made and assembled by its purchaser or owner, the purchaser or someone assigned to the task. I realize that mistakes in identifying information, ID printing, ID assembly, ID wearing, attachment or placement are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and user.

2. The user of any Synergy Products, LLC product bears sole responsibility for the product, its placement, use, and maintenance. The user indemnifies and holds harmless, Synergy Products, LLC, GO>ID, its retailers, affiliates, and employees and understands that wearing a personal emergency ID is for identification purposes and in no way guarantees identification or rescue by a first responder or others, treatment by a first responder or others and neither GO>ID, Synergy Products, LLC, nor any of its retailers, affiliates, or employees are responsible for any incident, accident, response, rescue, identification in an emergency, GO>ID, Synergy is not responsible for treatment, medical or otherwise or lack of treatment medical or otherwise of any type. I understand and agree that any memory type chip or device included with or built into my GO>ID product must be programmed and maintained by the purchaser and/or user. GO>ID is not responsible for the function, programming or maintenance of any such product included with the GO>ID product(s). GO>ID and Synergy Products, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages, consequential or otherwise, that may be suffered by purchaser(s), user(s), or, retailers of its products.

3. The user of any GO>ID, Synergy Products, LLC product bears sole responsibility for the product, its placement, use, and maintenance. The user indemnifies, and holds harmless; Synergy Products, LLC, GO>ID, its retailers, affiliates, and employees. The user understands and agrees there are risks and dangers in life which include, without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, sickness and disease, permanent disability, paralysis and loss of life; loss of or damage to equipment/property; exposure to extreme conditions and circumstances; accidents, contact or equipment failure and inadequate safety measures; other undefined risks and dangers may not be readily foreseeable or are presently unknown. The user understands that these risks may be caused in whole or in part by their own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others or the acts of nature, and does hereby expressly assume all such risks and responsibility for any damages, liabilities, losses or expenses which are incurred and understands that the use of a Synergy Products, LLC product will not prevent such risks and dangers. In addition if the user has allergies to metals or other substances, which could be contained in the GO>ID product, they are responsible to test the product or consult a physician before purchasing or using.

4. I agree to do my best to make, assemble and wear the GO>ID product and keep it maintained so that it will be most effective during an emergency situation. I also accept sole responsibility for my own making, assembling, and wearing, as well as agree to monitor the conditions in which the product is used so that it does not become damaged or unusable. If damaged I agree it is my responsibility to repair and maintain my GO>ID product for it to be used as intended. I understand that the small parts can be a choking hazard and indemnify Synergy Products, LLC against a loss or injury due to ingestion, or misuse of the packaged pieces, unsecure or broken parts, items, or poor maintenance.

5. I hereby Release, Waive and Covenant Not to Sue, and further agree to Indemnify, Defend and Hold Harmless the following parties: Synergy Products, LLC, GO>ID, the product Owners, sellers, manufacturers, and marketers, each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, officers, directors, partners, shareholders, members, agents, employees and volunteers (Individually and Collectively, the “Released Parties” with respect to any liability, claim(s), demand(s), cause(s) of action, damage(s), loss or expense (including court costs and reasonable attorneys fees) of any kind or nature (“Liability”) which may arise out of, result from, or relate to my purchase, assembly, and use of the Synergy Products, LLC GO>ID personal ID, its accessories, or other products, including claims for Liability caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Released Parties. I further agree that if, despite this Agreement, I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim for Liability against any of the Released Parties, I will indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any such Liability which may be incurred as the result of such claim.

I hereby warrant that I have read this Agreement carefully, understand its terms and conditions, acknowledge that I will be giving up substantial legal rights by signing it (including the rights of the minor, my spouse children, parents, guardians, heirs and next of kin, and any legal and personal representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns), acknowledge that I have signed this Agreement freely and voluntarily, without any inducement, assurance or guarantee, and intend for my signature to serve as confirmation of my complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms, conditions and provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement represents the complete understanding between the parties regarding these issues and no oral representations, statements or inducements have been made apart from this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. The checking of a box or typing of my name will act as my signature the same as if I signed with pen and paper.

Parental Consent (required if the user is less than 18 years of age)

As the Parent and/or Legal Guardian to the minor, I hereby accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of the minor in connection with the minor's use of the product. If, despite this Agreement, I, or anyone on the minor's behalf, make a claim for Liability against any of the Released Parties, I will indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any such Liabilities, which may be incurred as the result of such claim.

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