Attach Label (Watch)

To attach GoID to your watch, use the black circular hook & loop stickers in the ID Making Kit. Make sure your metal ID is clean and dry and it flat with the blank side facing up (opposite of the side you applied the label).

Locate the rougher hook sticker and remove the release paper from the back. Align the sticker within the round recessed area of the metal ID and apply. Firmly press into place.

Do not yet remove the release paper from the back of the softer loop sticker. Instead, match up the loop sticker with the hook you just attached to your metal ID and press down.

With the loop sticker attached to the hook on your metal ID, test where you would like to attach to your watch. Make sure a first responder would easily see the tab of the metal ID extending out from your watch. Then, make sure the back of your watch is clean and dry. With the loop sticker still attached to the hook, peel off the release paper from the back of the loop sticker and press onto the back of your watch. DO NOT attempt to separate the hook & loop — it may take up to 24 hours for the adhesives to bond properly to your metal ID and watch.

After allowing the hook and loop stickers to bond for 24 hours, you may detach the ID from the watch if you like.

Be safe. Have fun. Go ANYWHERE!

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